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Temptation greets you like your naughty mate,
One that made you steal and set things on fire,
But one you haven’t seen of late.

I don’t ever want to hate you,
So don’t show me your bed,
The only roads are cul-de-sacs,
The only ends are dead.

I don’t ever want to hate you,
It’s not part of the plan,
So keep your charm where I can’t see it,

And your hands where I can.

(vía sexy-little-fuck)


Oh you were reading a book about some idiot
And telling me about another

I was so severely underwhelmed
I thought I might never recover

Straighten the rudder girl
And sail me up stairs
And go and find somebody
Who cares
ll we might not be the perfect partners
But tonight we make a pair

(Fuente: alexturnerisababe, vía sexy-little-fuck)